Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Site terms:
Version 1.2
Welcome to Mojjod Express!
Introduction: These terms and conditions (Site Terms) stipulate how you use our services to sell your goods (products) through an existing express site. Commercial com, or the relevant part of the existing Express, in order to use the site or any of our services (our services) to sell products, you must create a valid seller account for each selected country (being the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia or Egypt) that you want to sell Your products are in it. We may amend our services from time to time.
Words used in these website terms: The terms are defined or written in bold with the meanings given to them in these site terms. The word seller refers either to you as an individual if you use the services on behalf of yourself, or the organization with which you work as a representative (if you are registered or use the service as (as part of) an institution or any of your subsidiaries (individually (in relation to each selected country) or Collectively, as the context requires), you choose to create a seller account in each of the selected countries and / or register on the site. Seller agrees to abide by and adhere to these site terms.
In these Terms of the Site, the words Mojjod Express and we, the speaking conscience of the Community and our King, as applicable, mean all or all of the existing party (s) of the contracting express (as provided for below for each selected country referred to below) or any of its subsidiaries. The word “affiliate institution” means in relation to any entity, any other entity or other person that directly or indirectly controls that entity, is subject to it, or is subject to the joint control of that entity. The term "person" means any individual, institution, partnership, limited liability institution, government agency, association, joint venture, administration, or specific entity, whether it has a clear legal presence or not.
Create a seller account for a selected country: According to the instructions on the site, you must create a seller account with us for each of the selected countries in which you need to benefit from our services. If you are an individual, you must be a resident of that chosen country, but in the case of companies, the institution must have the ability to do business in the chosen country according to the laws in force in that chosen country. We may assist you in creating an account in each of the selected countries after receiving the necessary information from you. You must familiarize yourself with the process mentioned in the site and also learn about all the conditions of the site. You must not register under a pseudonym and / or impersonate the login credentials of any other vendor or his password (s), as this fraudulent behavior results in violation of applicable federal, national, regional, or international laws and regulations (applicable laws) in Relevant country of choice. You agree to provide all relevant information to us as long as your account is active. When registering your seller account, with each of the selected countries, you must submit the valid and original supporting documents that we define (according to the laws in force in the selected country) according to what we require through the site or your seller account.
Passwords: If you choose or have been provided with a user name, password, or any other information as part of our security procedures, you must treat this information with complete confidentiality, as you are solely responsible for maintaining the integrity of your password. You may not disclose the password to others (unlike the other parties authorized by you to use your account in accordance with these terms of the site), and you are solely responsible for any use or action taken under your password. If your password is compromised, you must change it immediately. We have the right to discontinue any identification name or password, whether it was chosen by you, or we have customized it, at any time if we feel in our reasonable opinion that you have failed to comply with any of these terms of the site.
Specific Policies: By creating a valid seller account for each of the selected countries, you agree at the time of creating the account or registration to adhere to and adhere to these terms of the site as well as all the policies, protocols, guidelines, and other conditions stated on the site (which form an integral part of these site terms) . This includes:
A) Any country-specific conditions for which you are notified from time to time and that apply to each of the selected countries in which you register or choose to use our services (by using jobs we can enable use of your account); and
B) Any conditions for the service related to the services provided by us and requested by you, and we can provide you with them from time to time (by using jobs we can activate the use of your account) according to the conditions for that service (may only relate to specific products) (other terms of service) which are part Of these site terms. Other terms of service include, without limitation, the terms of orders executed by Existing Express (terms of orders executed by Existing Express).
Existing contracting party: if the selected country is:
A) The United Arab Emirates: The contracting party of an existing Express is:
i. For our services referred to in these site terms (except for other terms of services), the party is an existing Express Corporation. Commercial Register No. 1010611618, headquartered in Riyadh

Our existing Commercial Express services: In accordance with these site terms, we provide you with websites and mobile devices to enable you to display your products (that you choose and agree to) to customers and complete transactions in each of the selected countries according to what you choose and agree on together. (Including what is shown on the website) https://mojjodexpress.com services of your existing commercial express

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